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关于印度快件实名制KYC(Know You Customer)

                                                                                 ----About the real name system of Indian express

印度海关KYC-Know Your Customer政策
Know Your Customer (KYC) Norms for Shipment Clearance
As per Customs Circular No.9/2010, all shipments sent from India or received into India will require adherence to Know Your Customer (KYC) norms.

1.KYC FORM (按表格填写基本信息)
2. A.收件人为公司类型(The recipient is the company type)——进出口资质证书(IEC COPY)
    B.收件人为个人类型(Recipients are personal)——政府认可的身份证明、地址证明,     for example如:护照副本或选民证号(VOTER ID)或永久帐号 (Permanent Account Number)或驾驶执照(Driving License)
3.授权GATI清关的委托书(Letter of authority - Courier)

In the event that KYC documents are not available, Customs clearance of shipment will not be initiated. The Customs clearance process will be initiated only after receipt of KYC documents.


Please ensure that the recipient's information is true and valid and truthfully declare the goods information. In order to ensure the port can contact in time, please indicate the recipient's email address and mobile phone number on the waybill


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